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Production grade
media generation
for applications

Effortlessly customize still image or animated image generation capabilities into your app. Scale at a speed that delights your users and a price that delivers for your business.

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3d illustration of colorful scene with winding road and a gokart heading towards the screen
NEW: Image Animation

Use Stable Video Diffusion for awe-inspiring animated image generation

OctoAI and StabilityAI partnered to provide you with the best in commercial AI generation models. Build fast and scalable animated image generation in your app with our intuitive APIs. Seamlessly incorporate custom assets for a distinctive experience. Our accelerated SVD model provides performance gains for your users and your bottom line.

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Media Gen Solution

NightCafe Studio now delivering over a million image generation inferences

Blog Author - Pete Sarabia
Pete Sarabia
Apr 5, 2024
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Powerful effective tooling for builders

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Create high-quality unique content with ease

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Best Price & Performance

Use our accelerated Stable Diffusion models for the lowest latency and cost

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Reliable Scalability

Effortlessly scales so your app’s success isn’t a worry

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Migrate with Ease

Easily move from OpenAI to OctoAI with our compatible APIs

curl -X POST "" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $OCTOAI_TOKEN" \
    --data-raw '{
        "image": "<BASE_64_STRING>",
        "steps": 25,
        "cfg_scale": 3,
        "fps": 7,
        "motion_scale": 0.5,
        "noise_aug_strength": 0.02,
        "num_videos": 1
    }' | jq -r ".videos[0].video" | base64 -d >result.mp4

Trusted by the industry's best

NightCafe logo

“Speed is key to the AI art experience we deliver. We’ve been able to increase our image generation speeds by 5x with OctoAI’s low latency inferences, and this has resulted in even more usage and growth for our platform!”

Angus Russell portrait

Angus Russell

Founder NightCafe

Storytime AI logo

“Our top priority was getting to market quickly using an open source image solution. OctoAI simplified achieving our goals while providing the highest level of speed and reliability.”

Brian Carlson portrait

Brian Carlson

Founder & CEO Storytime AI

After Detailer

Adetailer automatically fixes faces & hands

Typically, to fix faces and hands you would use inpainting by meticulously creating and applying a mask, then adjusting denoising strength in inpaint mask mode. Adetailer saves time by leveraging advanced face recognition models, seamlessly detects faces and hands, and generats inpaint masks automatically.

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Dynamic and high-powered customizations so your product stands apart

OctoAI exclusively provides the Stable Diffusion model ecosystem, so you build in one place. Deliver mind-blowing media to your users, and expand the distinctive capabilities of your app.

Fast image and animation generation with your assets

Generate distinguished SVD animations and SDXL images fast with custom assets you created in OctoAI.

OctoAI web UI showing Image to Video generation of a fantasy snow covered street

Fine-tuning SVD, SDXL, or SD 1.5 is inherent in OctoAI

Leverage OctoAI’s fine-tuning capabilities for image or animation customization using your owned data or import model assets from anywhere.

OctoAI Image Gen Solution fine-tuning feature web UI

Image and animation manipulation for your needs

Differentiation requires more than just simple generation. We support inpainting, outpainting, upscaling, background removal, photo merge, and more.

OctoAI web UI showing media gen tool background removal for hiking shoe

Scale and organize all your custom assets

Keeping track of all your custom assets in production can be difficult. OctoAI’s Asset Library allows you to easily store, load, and unload model assets efficiently at scale.

OctoAI web UI of Media Gen Asset Library with provided and personal assets for customization
yellow reliable gears iconMODEL COCKTAILS

Utilize multiple models for better apps

OctoAI allows you to use model cocktails by chaining multiple generative models together into a singular performant pipeline. Create unique and sophisticated app experiences with multiple image, video, language, audio, or custom models working together. Learn how our customer, Capitol AI, was able to work with us to achieve cost savings on their multiple models in production.

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