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NightCafe Studio now delivering over a million image generation inferences

Blog Author - Pete Sarabia

Apr 5, 2024

2 minutes
nightCafe and OctoAI logos
Nightcafe Studio, a pioneer in AI art creation and a long time OctoAI customer, recently scaled to service over 1 million personalized image and animation requests a day for its customers. While the app's user base has been growing there has been no drop in latency or image creation success rates. The team worked with OctoAI to add a multitude of new checkpoints and LoRAs allowing further customization for their users.

Nightcafe Studio Goal: Deliver new experiences to “democratise art creation”

NightCafe Studio was founded with a goal to “allow easy creation of personalized art”. Since its founding in 2019, the platform has rapidly adopted and delivered novel art creation experiences building on technology innovations in the space — including generative AI powered image generation. The 100s of millions of images that have already been created on the platform is validation of the value this brings to art creators today.

Nightcafe Studio continues to look for ways to build on the success of their AI art community engagement to deliver new workflows and new personalized art creation experiences. Earlier this year, Nightcafe Studio started working with OctoAI on one such new project — to enable customers to create more customized Stable Diffusion powered images. The vision for the new experience included adding flexibility to select different fine tuning assets like checkpoints and Low Rank Adaptations (LoRAs), and to create their own fine tuning assets. Alongside, it was critical to control costs as they scaled and to ensure a predictable and engaging community-driven experience.

Speed is key to the AI art experience we deliver. We’ve been able to increase our image generation speeds by 5x with OctoAI’s low latency inferences, and this has resulted in even more usage and growth for our platform!

Angus Russell, Founder @ NightCafe

Over 1 million art creation requests a day and growing

NightCafe Studio continues to grow. A key reason is the predictable and reliable image generation experience, and the intuitive user experience built on this predictability. The artist’s creative experience is a critical component of the value delivered by NightCafe Studio, and the image generation latencies and error rates are metrics that the team tracks closely with every new capability that they launch and scale. OctoAI’s Media Gen API endpoints delivered error rates (<0.005% failed inference calls) and latencies (end to end p50 under 6 seconds and p95 under 15 seconds) which were well within their existing benchmark targets. Over time, OctoAI's customization capabilities also brought to end users the ability to further tailor and personalize outcomes, resulting in engagement, stickiness and growth.

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