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Run GenAI in your

OctoStack is a turnkey production GenAI serving stack that delivers highly-optimized inference at enterprise scale.

Self-hosted Demo

Efficient reliable self-contained GenAI deployment

OctoStack allows you to run your choice of models in your environment, including any cloud platform, VPC, or on-premise, ensuring full control over your data. This solution encompasses state-of-the-art model serving technology meticulously optimized at every layer, from data input to GPU code.

Overview diagram of how OctoStack by OctoAI would work in your infrastructure environment

OctoStack delivers on our performance and security-sensitive use case. It lets us easily and efficiently run the customized models we need within the environments we choose and supports the scale our customers require.

Dali Kaafar portrait

Dali Kaafar

CEO Apate AI

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See 4x GPU utilization improvements

Maximize the effectiveness of your GPUs when you combine them with OctoStack’s optimized serving layer. Instantly reduce costs and latency compared to proprietary model providers and DIY deployment methods.

Years of inference research & full stack expertise at your fingertips

Benefit from OctoAI's expertise in hardware-independent, full-stack inference optimization to lower your total cost of ownership on GenAI and deploy models with agility.

Frequently asked questions

Don’t see the answer to your question here? Feel free to reach out so we can help.

How much does OctoStack cost?
Reach out to us to talk about the details of your environment and requirements.
What level of security and reliability are available with OctoStack?
OctoAI is SOC 2 Type II certified, and OctoStack runs in your environment allowing you full control of your data and pipelines.
What level of support is offered for OctoStack?

An OctoStack subscription comes with Enterprise Tier support.

Can I run OctoStack in disconnected (airgapped) mode?

Yes, OctoStack is designed to be able to support deployment within customer environment, including environments with no connectivity to the Internet.

Do I have access to OctoAI features like JSON-mode on OctoStack?

Yes, OctoStack runs the same OctoAI serving stack as our SaaS API endpoint, and has the same capabilities available.

GenAI in your environment with optimized performance

Your choice of models, while controlling your data and utilizing OctoAI's world-class inference optimization.

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