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GenAI inference

Build and scale production applications on the latest optimized models and fine tunes

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text gen

Text Gen API

LLMs for chat, summarization, and structured output

media gen

Media Gen API

Diffusion models for stunning image and video

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Turnkey GenAI stack in your environment

Innovators Choose OctoAI

“For our performance and security-sensitive use case, it is imperative that the models that process call data run in an environment that offers flexibility, scale and security. OctoStack lets us easily and efficiently run the customized models we need, within environments that we choose, and deliver the scale our customers require.”

Dali Kaafar portrait

Dali Kaafar

CEO Apate AI

GenAI production stack: SaaS or in your environment

The foundation of OctoAI is systems and compilation technologies we’ve pioneered, like XG Boost, TVM, and MLC, giving you an enterprise system that runs in our SaaS or your private environment.

Diagram of OctoAI GenAI systems stack showing OctoAI's solutions, models, and AI serving stack powered by broad hardware

Enterprise-grade inference

New Solution

OctoStack from OctoAI: GenAI in your environment

OctoStack is a turnkey GenAI serving stack to run your optimized models in your environment on your GPUs. Lower your total cost of ownership and deploy models with greater agility while ensuring data privacy.

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Overview diagram of how OctoStack by OctoAI would work in your infrastructure environment

What’s New at OctoAI

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Customer & Product Updates

Supercharge RAG Performance Using OctoAI and Unstructured Embeddings

Apr 15, 2024
12 minutes

Mixtral 8x22B is now available on OctoAI

Apr 11, 2024
5 minutes

OctoAI and Google Cloud Unite to Accelerate Generative AI Innovation

Apr 9, 2024
3 minutes

NightCafe Studio now delivering over a million image generation inferences

Apr 5, 2024
2 minutes
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Latest Models

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Your choice of models and fine tunes

Start building in minutes. Gain the freedom to run on any model or checkpoint on our efficient API endpoints.

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Self-hosted Demo
%shell octoai asset create --name checkpoint-panda --upload-from-hf-repo NeuralNovel/Panda-7B-v0.1 \
--engine text/mistral-7b-instruct \
--data-type fp16 \
--format safetensors \
--type checkpoint \
--transfer-api sts