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Apache TVM is the backbone of OctoAI

Apache TVM is an open-source deep-learning compiler framework that empowers engineers to optimize and run computations efficiently, on any hardware backend.

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Open-source for optimal performance

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TVM Unity

Empowering developers to optimize machine learning models and universally deploy them on any hardware backend.


Meet the fastest growing open-source ML community

Started as a research project at the SAMPL group of Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington, TVM is now in incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). With 500+ contributors and 6,000+ members using the framework for optimizations — including Amazon, Facebook, Arm and Qualcomm, and more — it is quickly becoming the standard for deep learning compilation.

Why OctoML Apache TVM and Apache logos

See who’s putting TVM to work

Alibaba Cloud

TVM enables two kinds of optimizations

  • Computational graph optimization performs tasks such as high-level operator fusion, layout transformation, and memory management.

  • Tensor operator optimization and code generation layer that optimizes tensor operators.

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TVM Community

It's easy to get involved

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Learn from the tutorials

Compile PyTorch, TensorFlow, or CoreML models, and deploy pre-trained models on Android.

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See the current TVM roadmap

Discover what's next with TVM — auto scheduling, quantization, auto tensorization, and more.

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Join the discussion forums

Tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of over over 3,000 users (and counting!).

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Design and developer guide

Jump into the core and help us build the future of MLOps.

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