OctoAI TypeScript SDK at a glance

If you need assistance with any specifics for using the OctoAI TypeScript SDK, please see the TypeScript SDK Reference.

The OctoAI TypeScript SDK is intended to help you use OctoAI endpoints. At its simplest, it allows you to run inferences against an endpoint by providing a dictionary with the necessary inputs.

import { Client } from "@octoai/client";

// Token can be provided to the client here.
const client = new Client();

// The endpoint URL can be provided, as well as the inputs necessary to run an inference.
const result = await client.infer("yourEndpointUrl", {"key": "value"});

// It also allows for inference streams for LLMs
const stream = await client.inferStream("yourEndpointUrl", {"key": "value"});

// And for server-side asynchronous inferences
const future = await client.inferAsync("yourEndpointUrl", {"key": "value"});
let ready = await client.isFutureReady(future);
  while (!ready) {
    ready = await client.isFutureReady(future);
    await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 1000));
  const outputs = (await client.getFutureResult(future));

// And includes healthChecks
if (await client.healthCheck("healthCheckEndpointUrl") === 200) {
	// Run some inferences