Open source licenses

Below are the open source technologies we make use of and their associated licenses

alabaster 0.7.13BSD
annotated-types 0.5.0MIT)
anyio 3.7.1MIT
av 10.0.0BSD
Babel 2.12.1BSD
black 23.7.0MIT
certifi 2023.7.22MPL-2.0
cffi 1.15.1MIT
cfgv 3.4.0MIT
charset-normalizer 3.2.0MIT
chevron 0.14.0MIT
click 8.1.6BSD-3-Clause
distlib 0.3.7PSF-2.0
docutils 0.18.1public domain, Python, 2-Clause BSD, GPL 3 (see COPYING.txt)
execnet 2.0.2MIT
fastapi 0.100.1MIT
filelock 3.12.2Unlicense
flake8 6.1.0MIT
flake8-docstrings 1.7.0MIT
h11 0.14.0MIT
httpcore 0.17.3BSD
httpx 0.24.1BSD
identify 2.5.26MIT
idna 3.4BSD
imageio 2.31.1BSD-2-Clause
imagesize 1.4.1MIT
iniconfig 2.0.0MIT
isort 5.12.0MIT
Jinja2 3.1.2BSD-3-Clause
MarkupSafe 2.1.3BSD-3-Clause
mccabe 0.7.0Expat license
mypy 1.5.1MIT License
mypy-extensions 1.0.0MIT License
nodeenv 1.8.0BSD
numpy 1.24.4BSD-3-Clause
packaging 23.1Apache Software License, BSD License
pathspec 0.11.2Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0)
Pillow 9.5.0HPND
pip 23.2.1MIT
platformdirs 3.10.0MIT
pluggy 1.2.0MIT
pre-commit 3.3.3MIT
prettytable 3.9.0BSD (3 clause)
pycodestyle 2.11.0MIT
pycparser 2.21BSD
pydantic 2.2.0MIT
pydantic-core 2.6.0MIT
pydocstyle 6.3.0MIT
pyflakes 3.1.0MIT
Pygments 2.16.1BSD-2-Clause
pytest 7.4.0MIT
pytest-xdist 3.3.0MIT
python-multipart 0.0.6Apache Software License
requests 2.31.0Apache 2.0
requests-futures 1.0.1Apache License v2
respx 0.20.2BSD-3-Clause
setuptools 68.1.0MIT
sniffio 1.3.0MIT OR Apache-2.0
snowballstemmer 2.2.0BSD-3-Clause
soundfile 0.12.1BSD 3-Clause License
sphinx 6.2.1BSD
sphinx-rtd-theme 1.2.2MIT
sphinxcontrib-applehelp 1.0.4BSD-2-Clause
sphinxcontrib-devhelp 1.0.2BSD
sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp 2.0.1BSD-2-Clause
sphinxcontrib-jquery 4.1BSD
sphinxcontrib-jsmath 1.0.1BSD
sphinxcontrib-qthelp 1.0.3BSD
sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml 1.1.5BSD
starlette 0.27.0BSD
types-PyYAML license
types-requests license
types-urllib3 license
typing-extensions 4.7.1(License not found)
urllib3 2.0.4MIT
uvicorn 0.22.0BSD
virtualenv 20.24.3MIT
wcwidth 0.2.8MIT
wheel 0.41.2MIT
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