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Prompt Weighting

OctoAI allows for prompt weighting, the emphasis or de-emphasis of certain words or phrases, in prompts to create customized images.

You can emphasize, or de-emphasize, specific words or phrases of the image generation prompt using weighting. To use prompt weighting, format your prompt using parentheses: prompt = "A cat with (long whiskers)"

This emphasizes the phrase “long whiskers” with a weight of 1.1. Adding additional parentheses such as "\(\(\(long whiskers)))" performs additional multiples of 1.1, so for 3 sets of parentheses, the weight would be 1.33. More specific weights can also be specified in the form: prompt = "A cat with (long whiskers: 0.8)"

This will weigh all words in the parentheses by a factor of 0.8. Notably, weights do not have to be greater than one. Using a weight of less than 1 will de-emphasize the contained words.

Using weights in negative prompts can also be helpful. For example, you can avoid distorted hands: negative_prompt = "(distorted hands: 1.5)"