OctoAI has a set of demo endpoints that you can try without cold start. To access these endpoints, click on Example Models from your homepage.

Now you will see the following page. Notice how a subset of models have a Demo button.

Let’s search for Stable Diffusion in the search bar, then click on the Demo button. That would bring us to the Stable Diffusion endpoint for image generation.

Then, click the Generate button labeled (1) below.

Voila! We just generated an image!

Using the REST endpoint

If you would run an inference programmatically, scroll down to find an example curl command that works on a Mac. All of our endpoints speak simple JSON over HTTP.

Note that our demo endpoints are per-IP rate-limited and meant for testing & experimentation only in public beta. If you want to experience the same APIs without a rate limit, contact our team (via the chat bubble in the UI or Discord) for access.