Reference: octoai.yaml Configuration File

The following snippet shows a fully populated configuration file with all supported directives you can use to configure your endpoint for deployment.

  name: yolov8                  # Unique endpoint name (required)
  display-name: Yolov8          # User-visible endpoint name. (optional)
  description: Object Detection # User-visible endpoint description. (optional)
  hardware: gpu.t4.medium       # Use a T4 hardware type (required)
  min-replicas: 1               # Keep a minimum of one replica (optional)
  max-replicas: 3               # scale up up to 3 replicas (optional)
  scaledown-in-seconds: 30      # scale down after 30 seconds of inactivity. (optional)
  concurrency-per-replica: 2    # Concurrent requests sent to replica (optional)
  public: false                 # Whether the endpoint is publicly visible (optional)
  regcred-key: dockerhub        # Registry credentials for OctoAI to pull your image (optional)
  secrets:                      # Secrets stored in OctoAI to surface as env. variables (optional)
  - mykey
  - mysecondkey
  env_overrides:                # Environment variables to set in each replica (optional)
    key1: value1
    key2: value2
    host:             # Registry hostname (required)
    path: username/yolov8       # Registry path to image (required)
    tag: v1                     # Tag (optional; not recommended to be set. Defaults to a generated UUID.)
  service-module: app.service   # Path to python module to run (optional); defaults to "service"