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OctoAI is now GA: The only SOC2 certified, production grade GenAI platform that can run, tune, and scale generative AI for your needs

Blog Author - Vanessa Yan

Oct 31, 2023

5 minutes

We launched the public beta of OctoAI earlier this year, and have been actively working with early customers to refine and enhance the product experience. Since then, we have added a number of new models (including SDXL and the Llama 2 “herd”), introduced new features (like SDXL style presets, Langchain integration), and completed the SOC 2 Type II certification. In the last few months, OctoAI has served millions of inferences in industries ranging from art, to entertainment, to fashion design.

Today, we are excited to announce that OctoAI is being moved to general availability (GA) status. You can sign up and get started with OctoAI today; run, tune and scale generative AI for your applications.

Build on OctoAI: Run your choice of models on our efficient compute service, or customize and consume scalable API endpoints through our end-to-end solutions

The OctoAI platform is delivered as a collection of domain specific end-to-end solutions, powered by its efficient and scalable compute service. Today, builders can choose to consume OctoAI in two ways:

  • OctoAI Image Gen Solution (private preview) - build against a turnkey API endpoint service to build, customize and scale GenAI image generation for their applications and use case, or
  • OctoAI compute service - run their choice of OSS (eg. Llama 2, WhisperX), fine tuned or custom models on the service for use cases like text generation and audio transcription.

From the bottom up, the platform has been designed and built targeting production use cases, and to ensure reliability, scalability and security, as you launch and scale AI powered applications. Whether it is the reliable inference latencies that OctoAI delivers, or the predictable scalability to go from 1000s to millions of inferences, or the continuous investments to ensure product security, OctoAI is designed to meet the needs of production grade applications.

SOC 2 Type II Certification: Simplify adoption of OctoAI for your enterprise grade applications

Our most recent enhancement on the security front is the SOC 2 Type II certification, an independent assessment and certification from a third party auditor that the organization implements processes and safeguards to secure customer data. As a service provider handling customer data, implementing the required systems to ensure appropriate handling of customer data was an early priority for the team. Working with early customers, we learned that it is critical to provide assurances of these security systems and practices - whether it is for internal policy reasons or for external compliance reasons. The SOC 2 Type II certification provides this independent validation, simplifying the adoption of OctoAI for enterprise grade use cases.

This focus on reliability, scalability, and security has resonated strongly with customers, especially builders going beyond experimenting, and taking real commercial (or internal) applications to production. OctoAI is designed to bring builders ease of use, efficiency, and freedom, as they launch the next generation of Gen AI powered applications for their customers.

Built for scale, reliably serving customers delivering over a million daily inferences on OctoAI

Through the public beta of OctoAI and the private preview of the OctoAI Image Gen Solution, we have been working with a number of innovative GenAI application builders in the past few months. These include customers like Nightcafe Studio, delivering innovative art experiences and running 100s of 1000s of daily inferences on OctoAI; Dubdub.AI, an AI powered audio dubbing and translation service; and Cala, an AI powered design and collaboration tool.

Speed is key to the AI art experience we deliver. We’ve been able to increase our image generation speeds by 5x with OctoAI’s low latency inferences, and this has resulted in even more usage and growth for our platform! And we’ve been super impressed with the delivery velocity of new features. We can barely keep up with the pace of new features and enhancements, and we love what these unlock for our customers."

Angus Russell, Founder @ NightCafe

NightCafe Studio customers create nearly half a million images every day, powered by OctoAI. The NightCafe Studio platform delivers its customers a reliable experience every time, with predictable outcomes and generation latencies. All of this, at a cost of image generation that is a third of the original estimated budget. Another one of OctoAI’s customers, a leading AI media community and one of the biggest Stable Diffusion communities in the world today, delivers a peak image creation rate of over a million daily images on OctoAI. This includes day on day spikes of 10x in on-demand inferences, all handled gracefully with no availability or scalability issues.

Another innovative company building on OctoAI is CALA, an AI powered design and collaboration platform for the fashion industry, that “unifies design, development, production, and logistics into a single, digital platform”.

OctoAI’s integration has been instrumental in making it possible for CALA to power the ability for our customers to fine-tune their image generation. OctoAI has allowed us to accelerate our development and time to market with these new features while eliminating the typical costs that we would have faced by running multiple parallel model variants.

Dylan Pyle, CTO @ CALA

OctoAI customers also include builders running their own custom models, for highly targeted use cases. One such customer is, a company providing AI based voice dubbing that can craft any emotion and match any content. Customers can select from over 40 global languages and various content types to create AI-dubbed videos with high quality and speed. The team runs several custom models on OctoAI, to power their application.

OctoAI made the process of deploying our custom voice dubbing models and taking our application live into production easy. Working closely with the team, we have been able to deploy and optimize multiple models over the last few months as we launched and scaled our application.

Anchal Jaiswal, CEO @

Try OctoAI today, stay tuned for the other OctoAI Solutions

You can sign up and start building on OctoAI today. If you would like to request access to the OctoAI Image Gen Solution private preview, please submit a request.

You’re also welcome to join us on Discord to engage with the team and our community. We’ll soon share more about our upcoming solutions, stay tuned to learn more in the coming weeks!

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