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OctoML Early Access Is Here!

Blog Author - Sayce Falk

Dec 3, 2020

1 minutes


We’re excited to announce that OctoML is now open for Early Access!

OctoML is designed to support machine learning teams looking to improve their model performance and deployments — by increasing model throughput or decreasing latency, reducing inference costs, or simplifying model time-to-market.

As an Early Access partner, you’ll receive:

Free, limited-time access to the OctoML platform.
Personalized, accelerated support from our Engineering and Support teams.
Future discounts on general availability pricing.

OctoML is the SaaS version of the open-source Apache TVM project, and is already in use by some of the largest technology companies in the world. Using a machine learning search function, OctoML optimizes models on a chip-by-chip basis, delivering 50–90% inference performance improvements.

We’ve got answers to all your questions about protecting your model IP, legal terms and conditions, and transitioning to General Access when it becomes available — sign up here and we’ll set up time to chat.


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