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How OctoAI is Helping TrueMedia to Combat Deepfakes

Blog Author - Brittany Carambio

May 2, 2024

2 minutes


The rapid advancement of AI technology brings with it unprecedented challenges, one of the most insidious being the rise of deepfakes. These hyper-realistic forgeries in image, video, and audio are becoming increasingly difficult to detect, posing a significant threat to the integrity of information, especially during critical times such as elections and global conflict.

OctoAI is helping TrueMedia, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization at the forefront of this battle, provide essential tools to media outlets to help identify and mitigate the impacts of digital misinformation. TrueMedia offers a deepfake detection platform that is free (by invitation) to media outlets, government officials, and fact-checkers to help ensure that crucial tools for safeguarding information are available to those who need them most, without the barrier of cost. Users analyze media assets either by uploading them, or via integrations with social media platforms like X and Reddit and evaluate the authenticity of images, videos, and audio clips.

TrueMedia uses OctoAI to efficiently serve multiple custom models that are highly specialized for aspects of deepfake detection. TrueMedia is collecting examples of political deepfake content submitted by users from across the web to develop new models and hone existing ones. In addition to deploying their own custom models, TrueMedia partners with companies like Hive, Reality Defender, and Sensity, to curate state-of-the-art detectors from across the AI industry.

TrueMedia runs a suite of models to detect different aspects of AI-generated or manipulated content

There’s no single model out there that can verify with certainty whether a piece of media is authentic– what we need is a mix of best-of-breed models. Working with OctoAI we can serve our custom models with extreme reliability and efficiency. OctoAI’s efficient inference translates to lower costs, which is important for us as a nonprofit, and our users get their results quickly with 99.999% reliability.

Oren Etzioni, founder @ TrueMedia

As the technology behind deepfakes evolves, becoming more convincing and more widespread, the need for robust detection systems becomes more urgent. OctoAI's robust infrastructure enables TrueMedia to scale up quickly in response to surges in digital misinformation. This becomes particularly important during significant events, such as the upcoming U.S. election and ongoing global conflicts, where the consequences of misinformation can be immediate and devastating.

More people than ever are getting their news from non-conventional sources like social media, and this trend is likely to intensify. As the arms race between deepfake creators and detectors escalates, TrueMedia can rely on OctoAI’s efficient, reliable platform to stay ahead of the curve. Learn more about TrueMedia at