September 2023 Release Notes

OctoAI product updates and release notes for September 2023


September 20, 2023

OctoAI made improvements to SDXL endpoint, and added support to multi-user accounts.

  • We have improved OctoAI’s SDXL. Our latency-optimized SDXL endpoints now take about 2.8s to generate a 30-step image. We also have a cost-optimized SDXL endpoint that takes about 8s for 30 steps.
  • Added support for multi-user accounts, which allows your team to manage endpoints, view logs & metrics, and securely share access to an account.

September 14, 2023

OctoAI made an addition to it’s Github repo to help users start building your own app on OctoAI, and a new audio generation endpoint.

  • Check out our github repo for template applications to help you get started on building your own app with OctoAI. Right now, we have an example using Python and deployable on Streamlit as well as one using TypeScript and deployable on Vercel.
  • We also have a new audio generation endpoint available under private preview (e.g. Bark, Tortoise TTS).