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Harnessing Agentic AI: Function Calling Foundations

Go beyond the hype of “Agentic Workflows” and join us for a technical deep dive into developing AI agents for the real world.

LLM-based agents in the wild contain two main parts: function calling and the frameworks/design patterns to integrate automated workflows into production systems. This session will be the first of a two-part series focusing on all things function calling.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn to use function calling to create AI agents that retrieve additional context, interact with external tools, and create powerful, fluid experiences.

  • See a live demo of Mistral 7B function calling to quickly join disparate tools/data to generate next-level business intelligence for execs, managers, and analysts.

  • Understand function calling in an enterprise context, where data privacy and security are required.

  • Demystify “Agentic AI” and learn its high-value applications to everyday business problems.

  • Understand the necessary elements to achieve a cost-effective, reliable production implementation of your function calling.

This one-hour session is tailored for software engineers, software architects, product managers, and director-level engineering professionals.

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