Getting Started with
Llama 2
on OctoAI

Learn how to build and deploy your custom LLM app using the RAG framework with LangChain
  • Thursday, Nov. 9

  • 10 AM PT - 11 AM PT

  • Vimeo Livestream

  • Captioned recording delivered post-event

Llama2 + RAG

Step-by-step instructions to customize an LLM app

Follow along with Solutions Architect Bassem Yacoube as he walks through how to set up a Llama2 endpoint and run it in a simple LLM app.

What you'll learn in this live, interactive session:
  • How to leverage the RAG framework to apply custom data to your app

  • How to clone an OctoAI Llama2 model template to create your own endpoint

  • How to deploy and test your Llama2 endpoint in a sample Q&A application

Customize your LLM app webinar speakers: Bassem Yacoube and Deepak Mohan from OctoML
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