Image Generation
on OctoAI

Be the first to build with a pre-integrated ensemble of models and capabilities to fine-tune, import customizations, and create highly differentiated imagery. Request access and our engineers will provide a hands-on introduction to our new features:

  • Fastest ControlNet in the market

  • Access to LCM LoRAs

  • Access to SSD-1B (50% faster than SDXL)

  • Inpainting, Upscaling, and Background replacement

Run, tune, and scale Stable Diffusion on OctoAI

Customize Stable Diffusion on your own subjects, including people and styles, to fit your needs. Bring and use your own assets and we'll store them for you. Fine-tuning Stable Diffusion expands the breadth and depth of image generation possibilities while OctoAI let's you scale as needed.

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