Early Access Program

models to OctoAI

OctoAI's optimized model serving can improve performance for LLM fine tunes and reduce inference costs by 60x, all while maintaining quality.

Complete this questionnaire to request early access to our feature that allows you to use LoRA fine tunes with OctoAI inference at no extra cost. Our Product Team will review each submission and invite users to try these new private features, providing you with $100 in free testing credits and hands-on support .

What do we ask in return? Your valuable input on how to make the product experience even better.

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“We want to be constantly evaluating new models and new capabilities, but running these in-house was a lot of overhead and limited our momentum. OctoAI simplifies this, allowing us to build against our choice of models and fine-tuned variants through one simple interface.”

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Tom Hallaran

Co-Founder & CTO Capitol AI

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