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GitView launches AI code review analysis for engineering teams using OctoAI

Blog Author - Brittany Carambio

Jun 4, 2024

2 minutes


OctoAI helped GitView go from prototype to production in <1 month

GitView announced their use of OctoAI's hosted Llama 3 API (meta-llama/meta-llama-3-70b-instruct) to automatically analyze code review quality at scale, to deliver new levels of customer insights. GitView's AI-driven Code Review Analysis can categorize comments, determine their impact, and provide valuable assessments of the effectiveness of code reviews. This level of granularity enables software development teams to improve and optimize their code review processes.

By integrating OctoAI's Meta Llama 3 API (meta-llama/meta-llama-3-70b-instruct), GitView is enabling development teams to gain a thorough understanding of their code review process. Leveraging these AI-driven insights, teams can identify improvement opportunities, acknowledge valuable contributions from team members, and cultivate a collaborative and continuous learning environment. OctoAI’s familiar api interface, and functionality like JSON mode, made it extremely easy for GitView to integrate with. During testing, the Llama 3 70b model outperformed all other open source models for GitView’s use cases, particularly in the area of categorization and assessing the usefulness of a specific code review comment. In many cases the model outperformed popular proprietary models as well.

GitView’s feature introduces a set of innovative metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of code reviews using Llama 3 (meta-llama/meta-llama-3-70b-instruct). The Review Impact Score provides a holistic assessment by considering comments that pinpoint issues and enhance code quality. The Issue Detection metric focuses on comments or inquiries that highlight discrepancies in the implementation or missing components. The Code Quality metric captures comments or questions that aim to improve various aspects of the code, such as readability and maintainability. Finally, Collaboration recognizes the significance of collaboration in code reviews, classifying comments related to requesting context, providing insights, or involving team members.

OctoAI has been an amazing platform to quickly build, test, and productionize our code review features. We were able to reduce our projected pricing by 91%, unlocking more functionality that was too costly at first. The API was a breeze to integrate with and I've been impressed with how quickly they update their API with latest models releases.

Jon Bauer, Founder @ GitView

OctoAI's cutting-edge API solutions are empowering companies like GitView to push the boundaries of what's possible, enabling exciting functionality across various industries. Get started with Llama 3 for free on OctoAI.