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OctoAI’s world class compute service for generative AI

You can run fast and efficient API endpoints in OctoAI, or bring your own model from anywhere. With a few lines of code, you'll be able to build your app in minutes.

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OctoAI made the process of deploying our custom voice dubbing models and taking our application live into production easy. We've been able to deploy and optimize multiple models as we launched and scaled our application.

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Anchal Jaiswal

Co-Founder DubDub.AI


Build any model on OctoAI's flexible APIs

Run your model on fast, affordable compute. OctoAI’s API endpoints scale on demand and can be set to 0, so you only pay for what you use. Our dynamic API endpoints allow you to make changes without the need to reconfigure your infrastructure.

A UI list of custom models you can use with OctoAI

Speed and cost are built into our models

Choose from our library of accelerated foundational OSS models, designed to deliver better execution. You can quickly iterate to get your app production-ready, or swap to our optimized models in your existing app. We handle the ML Ops and infrastructure so you can focus on your app stack.

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Your custom model on our optimized compute

OctoAI removes the need to manage your infrastructure, by automatically selecting optimal hardware targets. Running accelerated models with our platform leads to cost savings, since our experts built in automatic selection of the best model-hardware combinations.

Your intellectual property and data are secure

OctoAI is designed to address enterprise-grade data privacy and security needs. We are the only SOC 2 Type II certified production-grade compute service platform for generative AI. Reach out to us about your compliance requirements today.

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OctoAI is SOC 2 Type II certified as of fall 2023